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Celebrate Life, Hope, And Future Dreams of eternal Survival.

This article offers an alternative perspective as to why Europeans are being targeted for Genocide.
If you read any Newspaper; they provide a dark explanation.  Mainstream Journalism claim that Westerners are responsible for all "racism" & "social evils".   And, of course; their goal is to "eradicate" such "bigotry" from daily existence.   Yet, Not until recently have we discovered where this propaganda derives its origins.  Beginning shortly after World War I;  The Communists planned to slowly decay Western Civilization.   An idea conceived though Cultural Warfare, rather than using weapons.

  Amongst other things; their methods involved something called critical theory.  They would attack all Europeans with a constant verbal assault.  Few realized the Zionist fingerprints associated with Marxist ideology.   Yet, during my 5 year investigation; this has all become more evident.
  So, for those who justify committing genocide while claiming retribution...  do you really think that white guys are responsible for all the oppression throughout history?  Or, could it be, there's an entirely different reason why Globalists target The West.

   This article explores the true reason why Zionists & other groups specifically attack us.    They want to create a world of disparity.   And, they feel that Europeans offer the only glimmer of hope.  

   But aside from all theological factors; we've forgotten another motive altogether.   Could it be?  We've missed the entire saga?  If you're familiar with the works of Dr. Kevin MacDonald, he's addressed many important issues.   However, this topic has largely been ignored.  Could it be, he missed this theory altogether?  Highly unlikely.   Members of the academic community must provide concrete evidence in their thesis.   So, it's impossible for Dr. MacDonald to include this material in his curriculum.  ....that's where I step in.

   The concept here is quite simple.    Noticeably; Europeans share a diverse physical appearance.  ....And, at the cost of sounding redundant; 'white people' carry all beautiful variations (such as eyes & hair color).
 [note:  This does not merely pertain to the basics; such as Blue Eyes, or, brown hair. ...Brunettes, Blondes, & red heads.   It goes much deeper than that.]  Our eye colors range from dark blue, medium blue, baby blue-eye;, hazel, and everything between.  Each day; you could look into someone's eyes, and see a color which is different than anyone else.  This also includes varying shades of brown eyes.  But, the largest variation pertains to our endless hair colors.   A Blonde could have a lighter shade; or a touch darker. There are strawberry blondes, and dirty blondes.  Some have Golden hair, or bright sunshine.  Shades can range from snowy white, to various mixtures of brownish blonde.

   This rule also applies to Redheads. There's fiery red, and Auburn brown.  Bright orange and faded coral-pink.  From Ruby to Rosy  Crimson to Cornell.  Perhaps the most interesting color is Fire-Brick Red.   Some are darker than brown; yet noticeably distinct.  Just the other day; I noticed a lady with a color I'd never seen before.  It was nearly blonde.  But, unquestionably reddish.

   The greatest array comes in mixtures of brown.   From dark coffee to pale beige.  When a dozen brown-haired friends stand aside: their colors will differ.   And,  some possess traces of both.  ...not blonde or brown.  or, hints of two.

    Occasionally, she'll reflect additional colors through sunlight.  Words could never begin to describe our range of diversity.
   This article could celebrate European beauty; from head to toe.  But, it's already understood.  

   This is a primary reason why Zionists attack Western Culture.   They foresee a world where all populations bear identical features.  They want to remove all individuality from civilization.  

   During the past half-decade; I've seen thousands of Zionists insulting our people.   Yet, they seem to show particular hatred against Nordic Europeans..... particularly those with blonde hair or other attractive features.  It's somewhat ironic how Zionist claim to fight racism, bigotry, & antisemitism. 
This is a leading reason why Jews claim necessity to "reform" European societies.    But their hatred is based more upon jealousy than anything else.  

   I've watched Zionists criticize all elements of western culture.  Our structures; artwork; costumes; and accomplishments.   Oddly, Jews NEVER insult any other group.  They only ridicule Europeans.   ...but there's an obvious reason behind it all.   Simple envy.   

   Amongst all else;   Zionists claim that Europe lagged far behind other Civilizations.  Also, when Archaeologists first suggested that ancient Solutreans discovered America;  Zionist led the fight to disprove this theory.   And, as evidence surmounted; Zionists changed their approach.  They finally admitted The Solutrean Theory.  But they insisted that America was discovered either by Polynesians or Ainu Tribes.  Or, even the Chinese, or Ancient Turks.   ....ANYBODY except for White People.   Let's also recall when Egyptian DNA was discovered.   It was proven to match Europeans.  and... (you guessed it)  Jews became enraged by this.  They first insisted that ancient Egyptians share DNA with virtually all humans from that time.   But, this was rapidly disproved.   

   For those who are not aware:
      Zionists openly promote massive immigration into all Western Nations [and ONLY into Western Nations].  They are trying to change the demographics throughout The West.  But, they make no attempts whatsoever to Transform other societies (such as Chinese, Korean, or Iranian).

     Most significantly is their reason given for this.   They claim that it's necessary to prevent those horrible white people from endangering Jewish safety.   So, it's somehow necessary to cripple Western Civilization in order to stop this exponential threat.
    Meanwhile;  Most of these fear-mongers aren't the least bit concerned with North Korea, Afghanistan, or any other dangerous region.   In fact; they've even helped spread the rise of radical Islam.
     Basically, Europe was a beautiful haven prior to the 1980's.   There was virtually no crime whatsoever.  Major Cities hadn't seen murders for several decades.   Therefore; there's NO justification whatsoever to Zionists claims that "white people are dangerous".    Ironically:  during that time; the world was gripped by The Iron Curtain.   In other words:  Zionists pretend that it's necessary to disarm Europe for safety's sake.  Yet, Soviet Communism was their creation.  Let's also consider all the regimes spawned from Marxism.   It's a system which naturally promotes totalitarian dictatorships.  So, in a sense: Zionists are responsible for Maoist China, Central American regimes, & North Korea.
     In fact- during the Cuban Missile Crisis; Fidel Castro instructed premier Khrushchev to launch a full-scale nuclear attack against the United States.    And, although Castro was not Jewish;  his leadership was made possible by this natural political system.
   DO I believe that Jews should all suffer because their people founded this evil system?
No.  Of course not.
BUT, please understand that Zionists use this exact same logic for dissecting Europe.   It's a total lie on their part.  ...although there is some slight truth to their claims.   If Zionists weaken any country; this WILL likely create dangerous military factions.   (DUH!!!).

  So, this all begs to question:   Why are Zionist fighting against Western Civilization? it because White People are dangerous?  No Way. it because Europeans are racist bigots?  oh, that's a joke.   
       ....especially considering The Zio-supremacists behind this theory.  
Why are Zionists doing this?
Perhaps; there's another reason altogether.

Plain and simple:  Europeans threaten their ego.
Radical Islam threatens their very existence.  


Sunday, February 3, 2013

We must learn to Celebrate Diversity instead of destroying it.
Western beauty must be preserved for the ages.

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